The flagship product of the Oragiovane social cooperative is the summer box for grest and summer kids. This year the challenge was high: in addition to the usual materials, we prepared a 75-minute cartoon. Oragiovane's is a project that lasts more than three months and which has led us to create a large amount of materials to immerse children in the ancient Japan.

All materials belong to Altramarca - Graphic & Digital Agency

Art Director
Luca Baldi
What I did
Graphic design, character design, environment, web design, icon and texture, web design, elements and concepts for the movie, illustrations, some gadgets design

Much more than a pack for summer

For several years our graphic team has supported the cooperative’s team to create a product that is internationally renowned, with attention to the smallest details and rich in content. The project itself is divided into the creation of four large categories of materials: the editorial ones, the website, gadgets and a 75 ” animation movie.

Two opposite worlds joined in one logo

Inspired by anime and the world of gaming made in Japan, the logo recalls ancient Japan with oriental textures and winks at the cartoon with the inclusion of the small personified light, a key element of the story. In addition, the colors of the two main families of history are combined, preferring the prospect of a long and lasting war just to decree their supremacy. Finally, as a background to the subtitle, the brushstroke recalls one of the two key tools of the protagonists: the brush of light with which the boys can write the kanji.

Colors and shapes helped us
create the differences between
the two rival families in an easy way
that the kids could appreciate.

Highly identifying colors

All the graphic materials created were prepared by drawing inspiration from old oriental scrolls and studying the drawings of ancient Japanese writings. This look at the ancient was then compared and connected to modern video game and cartoon designs. All the textures created then formed the basis for the booklets created or the sails on the posters; a package of icons and mini illustrations has been prepared that can be used repeatedly to enhance the products. Starting from the information of the story, the character designs of all the characters were also studied, choosing between different options, poses, clothes and hair proposed.


A mascot for summer

Like every year in the history written for the grant, there is a “speck” character. Identified by a fun and exuberant character, this year the mascot of the summer is Tori the chicken. After developing the initial concept, it was designed in different poses and declined on different materials: from social media as a communication tool, to low-cost t-shirts to create fun graphics for children, to the covers and the box where it appears alongside protagonists.

Many gadgets for the summer, to immerse each Italian oratory in the magical world of the Orient in the name of friendship as an expression of grace.


Let's build the next
big thing together