The Teresianum is an equal Catholic educational institution of the Company of Saint Teresa of Jesus present in Padua for more than seventy years. Includes the Nursery School, the Primary School and the First Degree Secondary School. After a rebranding, they wanted to enhance their website too; they call us to study a more modern and amazing UI and UX.

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Art Director
Luca Baldi
What I did
Graphic design

A new website for an
historical school

The new website was conceived as a complete and modern space where everyone could easily find the main information. Thanks to a game of colored filters the contents are conveyed in a clear and modern way, offering the user a pleasant browsing experience.

The challenge

Compared to the previous site, which had graceful fonts and desaturated colors, we tried to give a more fresh, colorful and modern image. Very heavy sans serif fonts have been used suitable for rendering on the web. At each level of the school a very bright identification color was given, then declined also in the image filters to give a luminous and characterizing effect.
Bright colors, together with the institute's palette, make the brand more attractive and clarify its division into sections.

The official clothing store

The choice of a readable, clear and thick font also allows its easy reproducibility on fabrics even with the embroidery technique. A photo shoot was also carried out with the students of the institute to enhance the new clothing line, both on the web and in a promotional perspective. An e-commerce integrated into the site gives parents the opportunity to buy all the clothing products that make up the official school clothes from home, which reflects the institutional image of the institution.