"The Tales of Wheat" is a shop that sells expecially fresh pasta and bread. It has recently opened in northern Italy and I personally took care of all the brand identity and interior design.
Giulia Cittante
Silvia Sguotti
What I did
Branding, Interior Design,

An impactful texture
to talk about the products

Interpreting the name of the shop, some idioms and quotes relating to pasta and bread were integrated into all the communication. They have been inserted into a texture, used so much in the shop in a giant wall that customers often stop to read, as well as in the packaging used for the sale of retail products.

A rustic and fun style

The whole design is very rustic: all the packaging created for the sale of food is made of raw materials, such as fabrics or kraft paper to talk about the brand also through touch. Badges and labels enrich the packaging by creating a focus on the values of the new brand.

Editorial design

Paper materials were also created to communicate the opening of the shop and for special offers and discounts: for example, the pasta card offers a special discount after a total of purchases, in order to entice the customer to buy more products.

Interior design

The internal space of the shop is not very large but on customer’s request I tried to create something interesting with a low budget. In addition to the choice of counter, materials to be used for the internal furniture and small attentions such as the color of the lights’ wires (yellow as the color of the brand), the wall uses the texture and the quotes to tell “The Tales of Wheat”.

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