Sicea is an important company working in the construction world. The client contacted us to study a brochure that fulfills the role of "company profile". A single publication that captures the entire identity of the company to communicate with their customers. So we started to analyze first the existing brand and then we create a whole project to add value to it.

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Art Director
Luca Baldi
What I did
Graphic design

A minimal logo
converted in a brochure

The whole brochure focuses on the historic Sicea logo. Since the company has no definite graphic image, we have decided to enhance some very explicit features, such as red color or project images.

Black and white images
for a great emotional impact

On each page there are high-impact photos that completely fill some facades, on which a large red circle that recalls the logo is headed. The photos were deliberately kept mostly in black and white to further emphasize the red of the logo, so that the graphic artifact had a more incisive and defined personality.


Few simple and refined elements but treated
in every single detail have determined the qualitative difference of this project.


The icon choice has been designed to balance the great protagonism reserved for photographs. A whole icons pack was built on a grid so all of them had the same construction process. The icons were also used to identify company services and job categories.

A minimal and elegant

A cardboard over-cover gives depth to the entire elaborate. Some elements such as the logo and the claim are in relief and, at regular intervals, some pages made with tissue paper have been inserted to accommodate high-impact phrases designed to tell the mood of the company.

We build your future:
a strong payoff

The world of construction is constantly evolving: new construction techniques, new materials and new housing requirements are becoming increasingly popular in modern construction ideals. For this reason, a claim was chosen that summed up the meaning of the company mission where the word “build” has a double evocative meaning.

Let's build the next
big thing together