To be able to interface with customers in a more professional way,
I decided to build a personal brand that would serve as a container
for all past, present and future projects. I deserved a brand system
that was instantly recognizable and was efficient to execute.
Silvia Sguotti
What I did
Branding, Graphic design,
Web design, Motion

Building off my strenght

One thing was clear: a truly iconic brand system would leverage the power of my name recognition. I also found an overwhelmingly positive association of my brand with the color yellow.

Essential style with one accent color

Passion is the core value of my brand

Bring together both digital & graphic works

What I decided


Not choosing.
Be both elegant and creative.


Minimal style.
Focus on the meaning.

Significance of colors

A palette limited to black and white, with only one accent color, allows to keep things simple and make communication clear and direct. The accent color changes according to the category: general, graphic design or digital art.


Starting point

Target point

Turning point

Get my point

Break point

Point of view

Money invested

New ideas


The Logo

My goal was to create a logo that was simple but reproducible. The point, expressed in the figure of the circle, also composes the logo where “S” is presented as a conjunction of the two key points that represent my skills as a graphic designer and digital artist.

The Mood

The yellow color brings so many positive vibes in the general mood of branding. Even the choice of Pantone is not casual: instead of a pastel, desaturated or pale color, I preferred a warm and solid one to give character to the brand. The goal is to have an elegant and professional identity with a touch of madness and a lot of creativity. The yellow then gives way to a solid magenta for the part of digital art and to a teal for the graphic design.

Printed Branding Materials

Let's build the next
big thing together