Silvia Sguotti

Creator Of Quality Designs And Thinker Of Fresh Ideas.

Creative, passionate and constantly evolving, I made creativity my lifestyle, both during university and in my work. Currently I work as a Senior Graphic Designer & Digital Artist, with more than 7 years of experience in the field and a degree in Industrial Product Design. Ever since I was a child I have always shown an attitude and a deep passion for art, which still push me to explore it and experiment it in all its forms to find functional, meaningful and aesthetically appealing solutions.

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Creating interesting projects for different 
Customers is always an amazing challenge. 

What I Love

Item No. 01


What’s better than a good movie to restore the soul and set the mind in motion? I love all genres, but psychological movies are my favorites!

Item No. 02


I read pretty much anything that I find interesting; I always bring a book with me, just in case!

Item No. 03


Listening to the right music can drastically change my day: relaxing music to concentrate, rock music to speed up my work when approaching the deadlines.

Item No. 04


Gaming is one of my main sources of entertainment. I especially like the indie genre: it allows me to discover new graphic styles and interfaces.